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  • Materials suitable for perfume bottle design
    In the design of perfume bottles with a wide variety of colors, most of them are high-white soda-lime glass. The glass melting quality of these small bottles is quite high, and there are few bubbles and stones visible to the naked eye. Of course, bubbles added as decorative effects are not among the   Read More>
  • The charm of perfume bottles
    Ms. Chanel once said: "Those bottles are my sweet memories, witnessing my surrender and conquest, and they are my most cherished ones." By those bottles she was referring to the hundreds of perfume bottles in the room, many of them Still empty. The perfume bottle symbolizes identity, status, and its   Read More>
  • Glass perfume bottle packaging
    Perfume bottle packaging needs to be checked for quality during the production process, so that the specified values are kept within a reasonable range. Consumers should check the packaging after purchasing the product to determine whether the product packaging meets the manufacturing technical requ   Read More>
  • OEM and ODM services for perfume bottles
    We will provide customers with a series of OEM customized services such as style mold opening, production, design, silk screen printing, bronzing, etc. and combine with market trends, provide customers with brand-related planning and design, packaging material development and other ODM services to h   Read More>


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