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  • The history of perfume bottles
    The earliest perfume bottles were made of silica, or glass, and the Pharaonic Egyptians learned the key glass form technique from the Mesopotamians to create matching containers for their perfumes, oils, or balms.In 4000 BC, the ancient Egyptians invented the method of making glass, and the developm   Read More>
  • How to choose a perfume?
    1. Just smelling the smell on the perfume test paper is not enough to know whether the perfume is suitable for you. Perfume can be produced with secretions from human skinDifferent people's skin secretions are different, so the smell of perfume on the test paper is different from that on human skin.   Read More>
  • How is perfume made?
    There are usually hundreds of fragrances in the best perfume. So each bottle of perfume has its own scent. However, these fragrances can be roughly divided into three levels: Top Note, Middle Note and low Note (also known as head, body and tail, respectively).The former taste is the information that   Read More>
  • Why do you use glass bottles for perfume?
    Perfume is usually packaged in glass bottles. It is best not to store perfume in plastic bottles. Perfume contains alcohol. Most plastic bottles are made of general polyethylene plastic and PET. They are packed in polyethylene plastic bottles. After a long time, polyethylene can be dissolved in alco   Read More>
  • How to preserve perfume?
    Now people are used to packaging themselves in the way of makeup, so we all have a variety of cosmetics. When we have more kinds of cosmetics, some cosmetics will be put aside for a long time. Perfume is one of them. We all know that perfume is less effective the longer it is left in, so how can we   Read More>


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